Kath Inglis – Bizarre Blooms, pinks

Kath Inglis – Bizarre Blooms, pinks

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Kath Inglis – Bizarre Blooms series stud drop earrings

From the Exhibition: Epiphyte

Materials: hand dyed and cut PVC

Colour: pinks

Dimensions: W 30mm x L 67mm

* Each piece in the PVC collection is hand cut and dyed. There are individual variations of colour across each item. 

If you would like this piece in a different colour, please contact the gallery for a quote



Please note: If this item is sold out, contact the gallery for alternative options or to custom order

Each piece from Studio Ingot is selected for individual beauty and rarity. As our collections are handmade, you will find subtle variations in scale, colour and dimension, which is what separates them from the mass produced.

All items come beautifully gift wrapped, including information on the artist and materials used.